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Andra Alodita, salah satu dari 5 wanita inspiratif LUX White Collection membagikan kisahnya sebagai Bintang LUX White di alodita.blogspot

Behind The Scene : My Dazzling Moment with LUX
I believe one day my dreams will come true. That is also when Jakarta’s infamous agency got me a very special proposition to be involved with one of their beauty soap campaigns, LUX. There’s not one exact word that can describe how I felt. This time, LUX collaborated with Preciosa in a campaign called “Dazzling Moment” for women all over Indonesia.

I participated by sharing my ‘#MomenBerkilau’ experience from my occupation and hobby point of views, which are as a lifestyle photographer-blogger. I wasn’t the only endorser in the house there were four other inspirational ladies with expertise different than mine. Give it up also for Alanda Kariza, Fitria Yusuf, Lala Karmela and Stella Rissa.

For this beautiful campaign, the ever-magnificent Stanley Allan photographed the Wanita Putih Berkilau and we all felt especially pretty. It was such a great new experience for me and you can also  share your #MomenBerkilau in here! 

Sumber disini.

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